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    Station Road Music production studio Stroud Glocuestershire

    We offer an isolated live space, double insulated and fully sound proofed. It's a perfect space for recording.

    A second semi sound proofed live room is also available, perfect for tracking guitars and bass whilst also being large enough to fit an entire band.

    The mastering suite is fully equipped with 3 different monitoring systems, 24 channel recording capabilities and a selection of mics to choose from. It also holds a tasty 3 seater Chesterfield for relaxing in style.

    Live recordings can take place in either of the live rooms. Direct feed to the mastering desk for monitoring and recording on the fly. We also offer mobile recording.

    Prices are available upon request.

    Tux Fizz - Sound and video live recorded at Station Road Studios 

    Second Self - Sound and video live recorded at Station Road Studios