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    Both our rehearsal spaces have been designed with acoustics in mind. We offer luxurious rehearsals spaces at competitive prices, open 24hours a day.

    Both rooms include changeable LEDSs to set the mood. We include 3 mics, up to 3 mic stands, 3 x XLR leads per room. Drummers are required to bring breakables. However we do provide cymbal stands, snare stand, hi hat stand, bass drum pedals, drum throne. Our back line includes 2 x Zilla Cabs (standard and oversized) and 2 x Ashdown 410 EVO cabs.

    Are you a student? We can offer discounts for off peak times, get in contact to find out more. 



    Recording and rehearsal studio Gloucestershire - Downstairs


    • 5x6 metres.
    • 12 channel Alto Live mixing desk
    • Mapex V series drum kit
    • Yamaha Pa system
    • Ashdown ABM-410H-EVO IV bass cab 
    • Zilla 4x12 Custom Oversized guitar cab
    • Sofa

    The larger of the 2 spaces with a slightly dryer sound this 'room inside a room' offers premium acoustics. Built with a floating floor, floating walls and floating ceiling, this space was designed for recording in mind!


    Prices from £30




    Recording and rehearsal studio Gloucestershire - Upstairs


    • 5x5 metres
    • 12 channel Alto Live mixing desk
    • Pearl Vision Drum Kit
    • Ashdown ABM-410H-EVO IV bass cab 
    • Zilla Standard 4x12 Guitar cab
    • EV PA system

    This slightly smaller space offers great acoustics with some natural reverb. It offers more natural light which can be blocked with black out curtains if you’re looking for a more moody environment.


    Prices from £30



    We only refund cancelations that are made a week in advance. Late cancellations will be refunded half of the rehearsal value.